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Trust Me, My child

What does trusting God mean? Especially when the world is changing so fast that sometimes you may feel lost. May the poetry below grant you the confidence even if you feel that you are stepping into the unknown, that He Himself will be your guide.

Trust Me, My child,

I am your guide

I Myself will make your paths right

Trust Me, My child,

I am your light

I Myself will make your paths bright

Trust Me, My child

You don’t have to fight

I Myself have won it with My Life

Trust Me, My child,

You don’t have to strive

I Myself will provide

I am with you. I am your light.

Trust Me, My child

Your future is bright

I Myself will enable you and guide

I will sustain you, for I call you My bride

Trust me and put your worries aside

Let Me hold you, let me guide

Let Me adorn you with jewels and cause you to shine bright

Let Me lead you and be your everlasting light

~ Your Bridegroom, Jesus Christ ~

Poem inspired through journalling, based on Proverbs 3:5-6 as well as content in the book Clarity to Create, knowing that Jesus Christ is our Husband, our Maker, our Bridegroom, that as we lean on His love, He Himself will lead us into our destinies and our calling.

To find out more about Clarity to Create, please click here.

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