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"This book is a beautiful encounter of an intimate dance with Jesus. Every woman wants to be loved and find intimacy. Ruth has shown us how to do that, even if you are single. Intimacy with Jesus brings great rewards and the desires of your heart. A highly recommended read."

Janice Stokes, Author of Escapades

Enclosed in this book is a bonus bundle. See below.

About The Book
About The Book


Has God planted a seed that is in you waiting to germinate and grow? Have you ever felt unfulfilled, especially when life doesn't go as you desire?  

You are more powerful than you think. EVERY woman is born to create. By experiencing perfect love and union from above, you can birth forth dreams that could change you and the world.


In Clarity to Create, Ruth Saw shares her personal story as a single and shows the beauty of partnering with Jesus by unpacking Isaiah 54:1-5 and the Song of Songs. 


You will discover:

 - Why we are all born to create, single or married

- Insights from inspiring women of the new covenant

- 5 simple keys to enjoy intimacy and create with Jesus as you birth your God-dreams together

- How to feel liberated and confident to be exactly who you are created to be!

If you feel that there is more to your destiny, then this book is for you.

Find the clarity to create with Jesus. This book will expand your vision, your destiny and your heart.

Your dreams matter.

You matter.


He loves you. 

Receive a free gift with your purchase

Enclosed in the book as a bonus bundle including an introductory track on Christian Meditation, a 12-min meditation track on "Dancing with Jesus", an invitation to dance with Him; to feel, experience and hear from Him who loves you.


It also includes a 3 page scripture based declaration for you to declare and step into all that God has for you.


Bonus gift can be downloaded from the QR code provided after Preface, within the revised edition of the book. 

CLARITY TO CREATE is available in major bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore.


For other regions, you may purchase it via the links below.




Ruth Saw

Ruth Saw is an author, International speaker and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She is also the General Manager of Speakers Institute Singapore, helping hundreds of people to unlock their passion and voices in the marketplace. Ruth firmly believes that Clarity is Power. She combines her approach based on her consulting and corporate experience in USA, Australia and Asia, along with Strengths Based coaching techniques and now helps individuals, organisations and start-ups to find their clarity so that they can uncover their potential and flourish. 


Growing up in a traditional Asian family in Singapore, Ruth faced the pressure of many expectations, she had to navigate the space to find her own unique voice, to pursue her dreams. Now she helps others to step into their clarity, their God-given destinies, through Gallup coaching programs and church evening college classes. She is convicted that God has given all of us a mandate, to create, to be fruitful and multiply in all that we do. She holds an MBA (Deans’ Medal) and also graduated from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Discipleship Training School and Tung Ling Bible College.


Ruth is based out of Singapore and travels from this location.

About The Author
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