“Ruth captures the very essence of what it takes to become the best version of yourself”

Grant Herbert, Emotional Intelligence Speaker & Trainer of the Year


“Like a diamond, the more clarity we have, the more value we bring” 

Have you ever wondered if there is more to you and your life?

Or have you ever hoped to step up into a bigger authority with strength and confidence? 

Maybe you’ve stopped believing there is more because when you start sharing your dreams with others, you get conflicting feedback.

Or perhaps, you may have compared yourself with friends around you and felt that you fell short. Or maybe you’ve been living your life seeking to please others and meet their demands, but you feel unfulfilled.


These may have left you feeling confused, inferior, immobilised, or worst of all, indifferent.

CLARITY is the future of personal authority, where we find freedom from not comparing with others. 

Instead, we will step up into our personal authority with strength and confidence to be the best version of who we can be,

for ourselves and for those around us. 

Finding clarity has become a necessity, not a good-to-have.

Just like shooting an arrow, we pull back to find clarity so that we can propel forward with speed.




As a Gallup certified strengths coach, Ruth discusses in this book that the HOW to success depends on WHO we are.

Clarity unlocks not only the why, it points us to the how. Through it, we find our unique voice and personality in this crowded

and busy marketplace. 

In this book, you’ll find easy-to-understand stories and practical exercises on finding clarity that leads to action.

Discover how to:

Know yourself through the 3W framework and 3S exercise

• Understand others and influence them

• Create a clear path of action to achieve your goals 

• Feel liberated and find confidence to be who you are meant to be!

It is time to unleash your power.

Move past your doubts and step into your destiny.

Because clarity is power, and that power is YOU!

Clarity is power and that power is YOU! 

You matter. You were born on earth for a reason.

Read the book to find your personal clarity, for you to move past your doubts and step into your destiny!

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CLARITY IS POWER will be available in major bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore from January 2021.

For other regions, you may purchase it via the links below.


Bonus gift includes a video and templates for Ruth's #1 Tip to Clarity. This was taught to Ruth by her mentor who once gave a quarter of a million to charity.

Bonus gift can be downloaded from the QR code provided after Chapter 1, within the revised edition of the book. 



Ruth Saw

Ruth Saw is an author, International speaker and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She is also the General Manager of Speakers Institute Singapore, helping hundreds of people to unlock their passion and voices in the marketplace. Ruth firmly believes that Clarity is Power. She combines her approach based on her consulting and corporate experience in USA, Australia and Asia, along with Strengths Based coaching techniques and now helps individuals, organisations and start-ups to find their clarity so that they can uncover their potential and flourish. 


Growing up in a traditional Asian family in Singapore, Ruth faced the pressure of many expectations, she had to navigate the space to find her own unique voice, to pursue her dreams. Now she helps others to step into their clarity, their God-given destinies, through Gallup coaching programs and church evening college classes. She is convicted that God has given all of us a mandate, to create, to be fruitful and multiply in all that we do. She holds an MBA (Deans’ Medal) and also graduated from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Discipleship Training School and Tung Ling Bible College.


Ruth is based out of Singapore and travels from this location.



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