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What if I told you, there is a way, a formula that you can be blessed everyday?


How would life be when you know you can be blessed everyday, at the start of the day. What opportunities can it bring? What abundance can you see?

Declarations, positive affirmations was penned down thousands of years ago. It is not something new founded by any self development gurus. Declaration is a very powerful law that is from God. It is His formula for our success. Just like gravity, it is a law that will work every time. For this, you need to practice is consistently and give it time so that your faith is built up. In that way, you'll know without a doubt, the power from above and the power He has given you. Practice it till it becomes and habit and watch your life change and prosper before your eyes.

The Bible says that you are to bless yourself with God's truth.

What is God's truth?

The truth is contrary to what many may think. Some may be thinking God's standards are very high, so we want to hide from Him, because if He knows, we will be punished for not being perfect (as if we can hide). No, the truth is that He calls you His love, His child. So much so that He sent His son to die for you and me on a cross. He is known by many names, but he wants us to pray, "Our Father in heaven.....". We have an unlimited Father in heaven! and the shocking thing is that no matter how imperfect we are, this Father loves us and wants to call us His own.

True clarity comes from above, above the clouds. We may not understand how good God is, why would He love a broken person like us, but we can receive it, we can activate it!

If you go on to read the verse in Isaiah, it writes that your troubles are forgotten.... He forgets the troubles you have done. The God of heaven choses to forget the bad we have done. He just wants us to bless ourselves and become all that He has called us to be! So don't ever carry any shame or guilt! It's all been paid for at the cross!

The question is... what do you allow to come out of your mouth?

Can I encourage you to write down a list of positive declarations (based on His word) and declare and bless yourself everyday?

I'm going to update my list too! Let us rise up to all He has called us to be. That begins with our lips, by choosing to speak God's truth and love over us, and not anything negative.

If you have purchased the book Clarity to Create, but haven't downloaded the bonus gifts that came with the book, I encourage you to!! In it, there is a declaration template I've put together for you in different areas of your life, including declarations for a husband!! (for the singles! :P)

Purchase or download your free gift upon purchase of Clarity to Create by clicking here. Simply put in your details and you get the gifts instantly!

Take an hour to customise it for yourself, add in your favourite verses, the promises from God or any prophetic word you have received. Then print it out so you can see it and bless yourself everyday - aloud. :-)

If you want to break your limiting beliefs so that you can remove the lies that hold you back and bless yourself into prosperity and all that God has for you, then join me by clicking here.

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