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AuthorRise Online!
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Program includes:
  • Step by Step Online Program to kickstart writing to publishing your books
  • Workbook, Exercises & Templates
  • Links to free and affordable resources you can use
  • FB Group & Community

Investment: USD 497

What you will learn: 
  • Understand the 5-step process to publishing your book

  • How to increase productivity – applicable for writing and all that you do!

  • Simple steps to creating your personal brand for marketing

  • How to research, find the topic and identify your targeted readers

  • How to write effectively, including structuring your book, writing in a style that  attracts and packaging your stories relevantly

  • How to find and outsource freelancers to help you with the publishing process

  • How to market your book, attain leads & upsell to generate more income

  • How to publish the book – eBooks and also print books.

  • The different strategies you need to become a BESTSELLER!

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