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Helping Authors to Rise - Personalised 1-1 Support
by International Bestselling Author, Ruth Saw
Big welcome to AuthorRise Mentoring Program!

I'm excited to journey with you as you share your story & skills in this book. 

In this mentoring program, I’ll share with you exactly what I did to be a best seller consecutively 4 times in a year! This system I created works if you put in the effort to research, write and follow what I do. You must commit to be willing to work with the editors, review the manuscript, market yourself by posting on social media and forming a launch team to support you. Do note that the content, the speed of the progress of this book and its success will be led by you.

Please find below the first 2 modules from the AuthorRise Online Program:
  • Introduction (42mins) - I share my story and includes the 5 steps of the publishing process (from 23mins)
  • 21 Ways to Increase Your Productivity (30mins) - MUST WATCH! I trust that this will save you time not just in writing but in all that you do! :)



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